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2012 Summer trends : Red!


Value added optimism, a hue that exalts on its own but also red still loves black, its alter ego in terms of timeless contrasts. 

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2012 Summer trends : Eco Echoes


Return to nature with creativity taking the lead. It is time to plunge body and soul into simple, healthy, authentic and sustainable pleasures.  

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2012 Summer trends : Tomorrow starts today


Efficient forms, in minimalist white and with dynamic curves as if straight out of the “conquest of space”: the lines of the future opening new resolutely modern ways forward.  

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2012 Summer trends : Ergo-Tonic


Vibrant hues, a fresh tang and playful lines: the casual answer to returning the feel-good factor to the today’s contemporary fashion. 

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2012 Summer collection


With a breath of levity throughout its lines and numerous material innovations, the 2012 arche spring/summer collection plays intelligently with the label’s established codes. Pepsy colours, natural feel and outspoken femininity (fine straps, interlacing, arabesques, glossy textures, elaborate lace-work and cutaways) set the scene for a joyous and hedonistic summer full of personal “chic”.

a selection of our favorites

arche, a creative spirit that cultivates the difference


… shoes and accessories dedicated to all those to whom style is an extremely personal search.. Organic suppleness. Fluid lines. A shifted but sustainable design. Alchemy of refinement, calm, and Well-Being. And all the fun colors in the light of a signature “culturally” international.

in Strasbourg France


7,rue Gutenberg

Our new boutique in Strasbourg

At 7 rue Gutenberg, arche shows of its universe. In keeping with arche’s audacity, this new concept boutique is liberated and chic, exciting and complete, demanding and relaxed.

manufactured with a spirit of true craftsmanship


For 40 years, the Château-Renault workshops in France function with a spirit of true hand-made craftsmanship supported by strict and perfectly mastered industrial processes. Crafted using the most demanding traditions to be durable, the making of our footwear involves at least a hundred manual operations, carried out by craftsmen who put their heart and spirit into their labour as testimony to our shoemaking expertise. In our workshops everything comes together in an efficient process – Research, design, prototyping, forming, materials, production – quality is always the priority. The harmony of forms and leather… above all leather: the research, selection and working of the leather is the most important part of arche’s creative process. For each new design, the need and search for sensual pleasure guides our hearts towards the leathers that are the most flexible and sensual to the touch. Skins are thoroughly dyed in pigment baths, for an explosion of the liveliest colours or the most subtle washed hues. So many facets to explore and tame which make all of the difference when seeking to take the most individual and personal design directions.

manufacture and materials totally dedicated to well-being


Manufacturing Arche shoes requires about one hundred manual operations. A team of qualified men and women who love their job perform these operations that are the guarantee of quality, and a demonstration of unique skills.

Three fundamental elements are integral parts of Arche quality and contribute to footwear comfort: shapes, materials, soles…

Shapes: Hundreds of hours are spent carefully perfecting and studying shapes. They are constantly updated in function of evolution and fashion trends, and are adapted to regional morphological differences. A unique manufacturing procedure for maximum well-being, even after hours of walking and wear.

Materials: The most beautiful leathers of European origin: nubuck calf, glove quality full-grain calfskin, deerskin, peccary… Our leathers are traditionally tanned with extreme care to preserve their authentic look, their exceptional softness, all of their natural qualities that make Arche shoes so comfortable.

Soles: Soles made of 100% natural Latex, pure hevea milk. Harvested in tropical Asia according to ancestral traditions, stored in liquid form so that is will not be denatured, poured by hand into sole moulds created by Arche, hevea milk gives exceptional comfort to Arche’s soles. Hevea milk is noble and living, an exceptional product. The label, Lactae Hevea, guarantees authenticity.

See a video of our factory

archette, a draped revolutionary boot


Like all great designers and manufacturers, arche is constantly innovating and propose new models which characterize eras: mocassins with spikes, the riding boots, moccasins with fringes … all will seduce generations. But it is archette, a short boot draped which in 1980 became the symbol of the future welfare of the arche brand. Developed to all colors, the archette is experiencing a fury that drives the manufacturing plant to devote the time, over 30% of its production to the manufacture of phenomenon: a model always popular with the fashion victims and … the brand consumers loyal!


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